Diversity and Inclusion

We Are Better Together

We embrace differences because it helps to make our company great.”
-Stephen S. Rasmussen, CEO

Nationwide is a company where every voice is heard and valued. We understand the importance of associates with different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives coming together to serve our customers.

Our philosophy

Nationwide believes there is a distinct difference between diversity and inclusion.

True diversity is greater than gender or race. It's all-inclusive. We seek out a winning combination of academic backgrounds, ages, cultures, life circumstances, thinking styles and interests. We want to pursue, develop and champion unique and talented associates at all levels.

Inclusion is about fully engaging and developing our employees. Creating an inclusive workforce that develops its people is our goal and ultimate success as a company.

This philosophy enhances our performance as a company by:

  • Understanding the global market we serve
  • Providing the most effective products and services to our customers
  • Serving as an integral member of the communities where we work and live
  • Attracting, hiring, retaining and developing the best associates
  • Relying on diverse suppliers through our
    Supply Management Services

Meet Richard Gandarillas

Hear what Richard has to say about our inclusive work environment and the opportunities for Latinos and all associates.

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