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Protect Your Company with Accounting Business Insurance

Chances are good your accounting clients have priorities higher than mastering the intricacies of the latest tax code changes and GAAP. That’s why they depend on you for expert financial services and advice. Help make sure you’re there for them with comprehensive accounting firm insurance from Nationwide. Because they, and you, can’t afford to have your business slow down following an unexpected event.

Business insurance for accountants is one of our specialties. We’ll work with you to create a plan that fits your business and your budget. And that’s important, because while it’s tempting to think of your business as low risk, accounting firm insurance is essential. If a computer crash or a fire were to destroy your records, would you have a plan for recovering? What about theft or natural disaster? No company is invulnerable. The right policy can help keep you up and running.

Nationwide offers insurance for many different types accounting and bookkeeping firms. We provide coverage for professionals providing accounting, auditing, billing, bookkeeping, payroll and tax preparation services, among others.

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