Nationwide Agribusiness Leadership
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Meet the Nationwide Agribusiness Board and Leaders

In 1982, Farmland Insurance joined the Nationwide family of companies. Today, Farmland Mutual Insurance Company remains a Nationwide affiliated company and is part of Nationwide Agribusiness.

Like our employees, the leaders of Nationwide Agribusiness are committed to protecting American agriculture.

Nationwide Agribusiness and Farmland Insurance Board

Lewis J. Alphin, Mount Olive, North Carolina

W. Kim Austen, Ankeny, Iowa 

A. I. Bell, Zanesville, Ohio

Gary A. Douglas, Columbus, Ohio

Daniel T. Kelley, Normal, Illinois

Brent R. Porteus, Coshocton, Ohio

Stephen S. Rasmussen, Columbus, Ohio

Terrance Williams, Des Moines, Iowa

Jeffrey W. Zellers, Hartville, Ohio


Jeffrey W. Zellers, Chairman of the Board

Terrance Williams*, President and Chief Operating Officer

Mark R. Thresher, Executive Vice President – Chief Financial Officer

Pamela A. Biesecker, Senior Vice President – Head of Taxation

Harry H. Hallowell, Senior Vice President – Chief Investment Officer

Wendell P. Crosser*, Vice President and Treasurer

Carol L. Dove, Vice President – Assistant Treasurer

Robert W. Horner, III, Vice President and Secretary

Eric W. Johnson*, Vice President – Agribusiness Sales and Marketing

Thomas W. Jurgens*, Vice President – Agribusiness Underwriting

John P. Lebens, Vice President – Corporate Reinsurance and Risk Management

Steven G. Simmons*, Associate Vice President – Agribusiness Risk Management

Andrew Walker, Vice President – Finance and Supply Management Services

Denise L. Skingle, Vice President - Associate General Counsel

Monica L. Friedman*, Vice President - Human Resources

Bill R. Breckenridge*, Associate Vice President – Bonds

David A. Conner, Associate Vice President and Assistant Treasurer

Timothy J. Dwyer, Associate Vice President and Assistant Treasurer

J. Morgan Elliott, Associate Vice President and Assistant Treasurer

Jerrold M. Hillard*, Associate Vice President – Farm Sales

Debra J. Lemar*, Associate Vice President – Agribusiness Process Management

Daniel J. Murphy, Associate Vice President and Assistant Treasurer

Kathy R. Richards, Associate Vice President and Assistant Secretary

Mark E. Hartman, Assistant Secretary

*Des Moines staff