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Save on Your South Carolina Auto Insurance With These Discounts

With Nationwide South Carolina auto insurance, you’ll get the best coverage at a low price. How? By taking advantage of car insurance discounts offered in South Carolina.

Auto insurance discounts and savings for South Carolina drivers

Switch to Nationwide and get the discounts you deserve:

  • Home and Car – Get up to a 7% discount on auto insurance in South Carolina if you insure both your auto and home with Nationwide.
  • Auto Financial – Up to 5% in certain instances if you own a Nationwide Financial Services annuity or life insurance policy.
  • Nationwide Family PlanSM – Save up to 25% compared to leading competitors when your teen driver is added to your policy. Also when teen gets own policy they retain some of your discounts (saving up to 20% compared to leading competitors).
  • Non-Nationwide Homeownership – Up to 10% applies if you own home but it is not insured with Nationwide.
  • Accident-Free – Up to a 10% car insurance discount in South Carolina in certain instances when an accident-free driving record is maintained.
  • Advance Quote – Up to 8% when you receive a quote (with credit ordered) at least 8 days prior to effective date of policy.
  • New Vehicle – Up to 5% for vehicles that are 4 years old or less.
  • Multi Car – Up to 15% if more than one vehicle is insured on your Nationwide auto policy.
  • Terms with Prior Carrier – Up to 15% depending on number of terms with select prior carriers.
  • Defensive Driver – Up to 5% if you are 55 or older and have completed a defensive driving course approved by the South Carolina Department of Public Safety.
  • Driver Training – Up to 10% if you are 25 or under and have completed a driver-training course approved by the South Carolina Department of Public Safety.
  • Other – Passive Occupant Restraint Discount, Affinity Discount