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Save on Your Virginia Auto Insurance With These Discounts

With Nationwide Virginia auto insurance, you’ll get the best coverage at a low price. How? By taking advantage of car insurance discounts offered in Virginia.

Auto insurance discounts and savings for Virginia drivers

Switch to Nationwide and get the discounts you deserve:

  • Home and Car – Up to a 32% auto insurance discount in Virginia if you insure both your auto and home, or up to 15% if you insure your auto and condo/apartment with Nationwide.
  • Auto Financial – Up to 5% in certain instances if you own a Nationwide Financial Services Annuity, Life or Health policy.
  • New Business Homeownership – Up to 8% applies for the first year if you own a home not insured with Nationwide.
  • Accident-Free – Up to a 10% car insurance discount in Virginia in certain instances when you maintain an accident-free driving record.
  • Affinity – Up to 3% if you are a member of a qualifying organization.
  • Prior Carrier – Up to 20% depending on continuous coverage with select prior carriers.
  • Good Student – Up to 25% if you are a full-time student between 16 and 24 and meet a certain grade point or scholastic class-ranking requirement.
  • New Vehicle – Discount for vehicles that are 4 years old or less.
  • Multi-Car – Up to a 38% Virginia auto insurance discount if you insure two or more autos with Nationwide.
  • Passive Occupant Restraint – Up to 30% for vehicles equipped with front air bags.
  • Accident Prevention – Up to 5% if you are 55 or older and have completed a defensive driving course approved by the Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles.
  • Advance Quote – Up to 8% if you receive a quote (with credit ordered) at least 8 days or more before the effective date of your policy.