BOP Coverage Options

Customize Your Business Insurance Coverage

At Nationwide, we know that business owners policies are as individual as your company. That’s why we work with you to customize your BOP to meet your business insurance needs.

How to customize your small business insurance coverage

To customize the types of business insurance coverage on your policy, let your insurance agent know the type of operation your company runs, the number of employees you have and whether your business is based in your home or at a commercial location. You may also need to discuss projected revenues and the financial stability of your company.

Next, be prepared to talk more in-depth about your business, including:

  • Contractual agreements, such as any property, building, automobile or equipment loans or leases, as well as merchandise and franchise agreements
  • Details about any prior losses
  • Details about your building, such as whether you rent or own, the age of your building, the number of floors, the construction type, the square footage, whether there are other tenants in the building (and what they do for business) and whether there are any hazardous materials on-site (and how they’re stored)
  • Employee information, such as your annual payroll, the number of employees who are full-time versus part-time, whether you employ any subcontractors or consultants and a list of the company’s officers and their positions (if different from the owners of record)