Auto Shop Safety

Safety Tips and Online Training for Auto Service and Repair Shop Owners

Auto service businesses repair vehicles to get their customers back on the road and on with their lives, but they may pose a threat to these same customers if shop conditions aren't properly maintained. 

Customer and employee safety is critical for building and upholding an automotive service's reputation. Nationwide Insurance combines simple safety tips with online training courses for a complete safety and loss prevention package. Our goal is to help small business owners keep customers safe, while reducing risk and insurance premiums. 

Auto shop safety tips

To uphold a safe workplace for employees and customers at minimal or no cost:

  • Maintain your building's interior and exterior. Keep parking lots and sidewalks in good condition. Provide dusk-to-dawn lighting for the exterior of the building and parking lot. Protect utilities, such as gas meters and transformers, with physical barriers.
  • Keep walkways free and clear. Make sure areas where customers walk are in good physical condition and are clear of equipment. Keep exterior walking surfaces clear of ice, snow and debris.
  • Clearly post personnel signs to indicate restricted access, delivery routes and vehicle drop-offs. Post signs in reception areas citing lack of liability for any items left inside vehicles.
  • Monitor exterior grounds with surveillance equipment. Store all vehicle keys (company and customer) in a secure place. Educate employees with proper training and establish key control procedures in the event of an emergency.

Maintain a safe environment for employees and patrons

Protect your shop by using these helpful safety handouts.