Business Travel Accident Insurance
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Protect Your Business Travelers With Business Travel Insurance

Valuable employee benefits help you and your business attract and retain top-quality workers. If you or your employees travel for business, you'll both appreciate the low-cost benefit and the valuable peace of mind that business travel accident insurance provides. 

Business travel accident insurance provides your employees with accidental death and dismemberment benefits if they are involved in an accident while traveling on your behalf. Whether the're flying across the country for a business conference, traveling overseas to welcome a new business partner or driving across town to meet with a client, they're covered. 

Business travel accident insurance provisions

BasicsFeatures and Benefits
Case sizeAvailable to groups of 10 or more eligible employees
Coverage basicsAccidental death and dismemberment for employees who travel for business. It applies to both domestic and international travel.
Participation requirements100% employer paid. All eligible employees will be covered.
Benefit amount determinationMay be determined by job classification, annual earnings, a multiple of salary or a flat amount
Benefit amount maximumUp to 10 times salary, not to exceed $5 million based on group size and benefits
Coverage options24-hour business-only OR 24-hour business and pleasure

Optional business travel services

Customize your business travel accident insurance policy with the following options:

  • In-hospital indemnity
  • Bereavement and trauma counseling
  • Rehabilitation expense
  • Severe burn
  • Wheel chair confinement expense
  • Coma benefit
  • Felonious assault coverage
  • Loss of use/paralysis coverage
  • Safety service
  • Child day care and parental care

Travel assistance services (including visa and passport assistance), pre-trip information (travel advisories, immunization requirements), emergency personal services (lost luggage, emergency cash, interpretation services), medical assistance (provider referrals, medication and eyeglass replacement) and emergency medical evacuation and repatriation services are also available.

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