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Auto Insurance Quote Comparison

How to get a bid you can trust

With a car insurance quote comparison, you’ll quickly discover that not all insurance companies are the same. Dozens of insurance providers are online, which makes it easy to research price, coverage and discounts from the comfort of your home. Follow these tips to find a credible company that can protect what’s important to you at a price you can afford.

Customer reviews offer real insight

When doing a car insurance quote comparison, read customer reviews as part of your research. These opinions can tell the real story about an insurance company. Read the reviews online to get the full picture.

Details are key to an accurate quote

When you start your auto insurance quote comparison, be sure to submit the same information to each company so you get an accurate, apples-to-apples comparison. To save time, be prepared. Here’s the kind of information a quote will require for each car and driver on your policy:

Have a copy of the declaration page from your current vehicle insurance policy. This will help you determine what type of coverage you currently have.

Experienced, knowledgeable agents make a difference

Your agent is the direct link between you and the insurance company. If you compare quotes in person or over the phone, Nationwide agents help you compare auto insurance quotes by explaining coverage options, assessing your specific needs, identifying applicable discounts and writing a policy to fit your budget. It is what we call a Nationwide On Your Side® Review.

Don't leave out the options

Be sure to find out if your policy can be customized with different coverage options to suit your budget and needs. These options include:

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