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Discount Finder Can Help Your Discounts Keep Up With Your Life

Everyone likes getting discounts on auto insurance, but sometimes it takes a lot of effort to find them. Not with Nationwide. Our unique Discount Finder automatically searches your policy to uncover new opportunities for auto insurance discounts as your life changes.

How Nationwide’s Discount Finder works for you

When you insure your car with Nationwide, you want to make sure you get the discounts you deserve. Then, as your life and driving habits change, you might qualify for even more savings. Our auto insurance Discount Finder proactively scans your policy looking for additional discounts, so you don’t have to.1

It’s automatic

Once you insure your vehicle with Nationwide, Discount Finder will keep an eye out for auto insurance discounts for you. Every 6 months, our auto insurance Discount Finder reviews your Nationwide auto policy to see if you might qualify for new discounts. Discounts are immediately applied to start your savings right away.

Discount Finder has helped more than 3 million of our customers find new ways to save.