Insure Your Travels so You Can Really Relax

Protect your travel investment with Nationwide Annual Travel Insurance. It offers coverage you can customize to fit the way you and your family travel.

Nationwide Annual Travel Insurance helps protect the money you've invested in your leisure trips, including penalties, fees and other costs you may incur if you have to cancel.

For just $39 per year, our Travel Pro plan covers all post departure events that happen while you're on your trip, such as missed connections, emergency medical needs and lost luggage. You can also expect travel assistance service, help if you lose your travel documents (e.g., passport) and roadside assistance for rental cars when you're outside the U.S.

Upgrade to Travel Plus and add trip cancellation and trip interruption benefits to your travel plan.

Both packages cover your domestic partner (spouse) and dependent children traveling with you. Plus, coverage can be customized to fit your travel habits. These packages with special pricing are currently only available for Nationwide associates and members.

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