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Preserve Your Land and Business with Farm Transition Planning

You devote a significant part of your life to your family business, which represents one of your most valued assets. One day, this will be the legacy you pass on to the next generation. Nationwide® developed the Land As Your Legacy program to assist farm owners like you in making the critical decisions that help to secure your farm as a family business.

Transition planning may seem like something only the wealthy need to worry about, but it's really just a way to ensure that your home and other assets are distributed the way that you want after you're gone.

And the need for a transition plan is especially important for farmers and ranchers—many of your assets are tangible items such as land, livestock or equipment which may be difficult to divide evenly among heirs or sell to help pay off taxes and expenses.  

Nationwide's Land As Your Legacy program is here to help you throughout the entire transition planning process. To learn more, watch a short video about the 5 key elements within transition planning:

Five key elements to transition planning

There are five key elements of the transition planning process that the Land As Your Legacy program can help you address. By following these key elements in order, it can help ensure that there is a seamless transition of your farm or ranch to the next generation.

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Business Planning

Risk Management

Financial Independence

Estate Planning

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