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Market Volatility
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Navigating Volatile Markets

In today’s economy, volatility is the rule rather than the exception. Conservative investments may seem like the right choice to protect against market risk, but moving too much out of stocks may expose clients to inflation risk.

Despite near returns of 0%, a record 9.43 trillion dollars is sitting in money market mutual funds, bank savings accounts and CDs.1 People have transitioned to being comfortable with lower or no returns and having access to their money.

Your clients need you to help guide them into a portfolio that balances the competing needs for protection against market risk without sacrificing growth potential.

As the market has changed, the financial industry has looked for ways to help investors further diversify their portfolios to protect themselves against these risks.


If you determine this may be a suitable solution for your clients, consider America’s marketFLEX® Annuity Series. These variable annuities offer a new opportunity for diversification with a broad range of underlying investment options that include both traditional and alternative asset class investments.

Learn how alternative investments can help manage risk.