Best of America® Advisor Variable Annuity
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Best of America® Advisor Variable Annuity


The Best of America Advisor Variable Annuity is a fee-based flexible premium variable deferred annuity.

Target market

The Best of America Advisor Variable Annuity is a fee-based variable annuity for clients who are seeking tax deferral, growth potential, and the option of guaranteed lifetime income through annuitization.

Key features

  • A broad range of investment options
  • Death benefit options including standard return of contract value or optional one-year enhanced death benefit with spousal protection feature
  • Low fees and no Contingent Deferred Sales Charge

Product literature/support materials

Product details

  • Maximum issue age: Annuitant age 85; owner may be any age
  • Plan types: Nonqualified, IRA, Roth IRA, IRA Rollover, SEP IRA, Charitable Remainder Trusts, 401(a) investment only, 401(k)
  • Minimum initial investment: $25,000
    • Subsequent payments: $1,000 (or $150 for automated clearinghouse)
  • Contract value death benefit is standard
  • Optional one-year enhanced death benefit is available for 0.20%; issued through age 80 with a $3 million cap
    • Greater of: contract value; total premium less withdrawals; highest annuity value on any contract anniversary prior to annuitant’s 81st birthday less withdrawals
  • One-year enhanced death benefit includes spousal protection feature, which allows the surviving spouse to continue the annuity contract with no tax consequences at the greater of the contract value or the death benefit
  • Lifetime income is available through annuitization
  • CDSC: N/A
  • M&E fee: 0.35%

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