Business Builder Program
Support throughout the sales process.
NFW-3840AO, NFW-3847AO

Retirement plans can be a productive addition to your book of business. But when you consider what it takes to pursue, win, service and support retirement plans, it may seem challenging. 

Through our Business Builder Program, we have the people and tools to support you throughout the entire process or where you need it most. Your support is: 


    Providing STRATEGIC and PRODUCTIVE Prospecting Support 

    Prior to the sale, we help you:

    IDENTIFY: We help you identify retirement plans in your area that may be open to a change. 

    : We review your current book of business to see where additional opportunities may lie. 

    : We help you determine plan sponsors' needs and provide prospecting tools, such as our key prospecting questions, to help you turn leads into clients.

    Retirement programs built for advisors, by advisors

    SELECT: We offer two distinct, competitively priced mutual fund-based programs, each designed to meet the needs of you and your clients. 

    Nationwide Retirement Flexible Advantage® gives you the flexibility and control to build a customized retirement plan. Target plan size is more than $1M. 

    Nationwide Retirement Innovator Advantage® is simple to sell, set up and service with integrated Morningstar® 3(21) Fiduciary Services at no additional charge. Target plan size is less than $1M.

    Helping your plan sponsors determine their fiduciary responsibility

    CHOOSE: We help you and your clients understand what it means to be a plan fiduciary and what it takes to keep the plan compliant. We offer “do it for me” and “do it myself” options from which to choose.

    Fiduciary Spectrum


    PARTNER: Your regional internal consultant, and/or regional vice president can help you: 

    • Select the program that best fits your and your client’s needs
    • Understand pricing and compensation modeling
    • Illustrate investment options
    • Compare providers
    • Partner with a plan administrator
    • Build and deliver a customized retirement plan proposal

    In addition, your regional vice president can accompany you to the point-of-sale meeting, so he or she is there to help you explain the details of the plan and answer questions that may arise.

    SUPPORT: You will be supported with a customized plan proposal kit, a formal presentation and a mobile responsive plan sponsor website to use for your point-of-sale meetings.

    Customized Proposal 

  • Providing RESOURCES for Plan Set-Up

    IMPLEMENT: Your implementation manager is your primary contact through the installation of new plans and works with you and your plan sponsor for all on-boarding needs. Your field service representative meets with the plan sponsor and its associates to guide them through the enrollment process and plan details, making implementation easy.

    ENROLL: We provide a consultative and intuitive enrollment kit that features education, guidance and a simplified enrollment process. For employee meetings, we also offer an innovative tablet-based enrollment process, which is an easy and accurate alternative to paper worksheets. Learn more about the flexible enrollment options and the ongoing education tools and support we offer.

    Enrollment Kit Tablet Enrollment

  • EASY and EFFICIENT Servicing

    ENGAGE: We offer multiple educational seminars and videos to meet the needs of participants.

    Educational Seminars Participant Videos

    EDUCATE: Nationwide Retirement InstituteSM offers resources to keep you and your clients engaged on topics such as health care in retirement and Social Security decisions. 

    ACCESS: For easy access, our participant website features the On Your Side Interactive Retirement PlannerSM, a simple interactive tool that enables participants to set a retirement goal, track their progress and get suggestions for improving their retirement outlook 

    MONITOR: Our plan sponsor website helps plan sponsors to manage their plan and provides detailed reports, including the Quarterly Plan Check-up and Annual Plan Review, allowing efficient monitoring of your plan.

    Interactive Retirement Planner 


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