Combination Enhanced Death Benefit
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Combination Enhanced Death Benefit

This optional rider is available for an additional cost with some Nationwide variable annuities.

If the annuitant dies, the beneficiary will receive the greater of:

  • The value of the annuity at the time we receive all required paperwork in good order
  • The total for all purchase payments made to the annuity, less adjustments for amounts surrendered
  • The highest contract value on any contract anniversary prior to the annuitant’s 81st birthday
  • Purchase payments accumulated at 5.0% compound interest (maximum benefit of 200% of net purchase payments) until the most recent contract anniversary prior to your 81st birthday, adjusted for each amount surrendered

By locking the death benefit in at the highest annual contract anniversary or the purchase payments with 5% compound interest growth, you may be able to increase the value of the variable annuity for your beneficiaries, even if the market and your contract value are down when you die.

This optional death benefit is only available for annuitants through age 75. Rider may not be available in all states; not available in New York.

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