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NFW-3840AO, NFW-3847AO

Nationwide Fixed Select Contract®

Are your clients concerned about the performance of their retirement plan accounts? The Nationwide Fixed Select Contract option offers:


The Nationwide Fixed Select Contract is a group annuity contract. It offers a competitive quarterly interest rate and features a net interest rate that will not go below 0%.1 It allows participants the ability to exchange into and out of the contract.2

Target market

Nationwide Fixed Select Contract was designed for those looking for stability, who have low risk tolerance and who are seeking the security of a fixed contract with the exchange potential of a mutual fund.

Key features

Historically less risk than equity markets

Product details

Supported plan types:

Interest rates


The following competing options cannot be offered with this product: stable value collective funds (including Morley Stable Value Fund), other fixed annuity products, money market funds3, certain bond and index funds, the Nationwide bank FDIC Insured Deposit Account.

Restrictions may apply to exchanges if the Plan is utilizing a third-party asset manger. Transfers out of this contract to other funding providers are also subject to certain limitations. Specific information about these restrictions and other fees and charges, are detailed in your contract.

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