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A Growing Need

Chances are, your clients will need long-term care at some point. Most of us will.


For some people the words “long-term care” bring to mind the image of a nursing home. But the truth is, half of all long-term care claims are for home health care.

Starting the conversation about long-term care with your clients may be uncomfortable, but the reality is that early planning can give them the freedom to select the services and providers they want later on.

Long-term Care Basics

There's a new way to open the dialogue with your clients about long-term care planning with our new interactive experience.

  • You need more than just a brochure; you need an interactive experience that can simplify long-term care for your client
  • Get the facts and visuals you need to connect with your client
  • We have brought the long-term care conversation into the digital age

Long-term care solutions from Nationwide

At Nationwide we offer long-term care insurance coverage as part of a life insurance policy, either as a rider or a linked benefit. Our solutions help offer protection against long-term care costs and the option to leave a legacy if these benefits are not needed.

Nationwide YourLife CareMattersSM

CareMatters is long-term care coverage that is linked to a fixed universal life insurance policy. It offers a large pool of LTC benefits and a death benefit whether care is needed or not. It was designed for people who: 

  • Are primarily concerned with capturing more long-term care benefit than death benefit for the premium compared to life insurance 
  • Are looking for cost recovery through death benefit or return of premium 
  • Have assets that can be repositioned to fund the policy

Nationwide Life Insurance with a Long-term Care Rider

Our Long-term Care Rider is attachable to select life insurance policies. This rider is designed for people who: 

  • Are most concerned with leaving a legacy or caring for loved ones when they pass, but would still like to have access to the death benefit if long-term care needs should arise 
  • Prefer premiums that are flexible and may have budgetary constraints

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