Nationwide® Future Executive Universal Life
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Nationwide® Future Executive Universal Life


Nationwide Future Executive UL is a fixed life insurance product that is designed for use with more conservative business clients who need to fund executive benefit plans for their key employees.

Target market

Nationwide Future Executive UL was designed for small- to medium-sized business clients who need help attracting, rewarding and retaining key employees. It can be structured for businesses interested in corporate owned life insurance (COLI) or corporate sponsored, individually owned (CSIO) life insurance solutions.

Key features

  • Accumulation or death benefit focused strategies: design an accumulation plan to help key employees save more for retirement, a death-benefit-only plan to help clients provide for their loved ones or a hybrid that combines the benefit of both
  • Preferred group underwriting with both guaranteed-issue or simplified issue underwriting available, based on case parameters

Product literature/support materials

Plan Sponsor Guide

Product details

  • Minimum Specified Amount: $25,000
  • Fees:
    • Monthly administrative charge is $5/month current; $10/month guaranteed
    • Cost of insurance charge
      • Rates will be unisex (80% male/20% female) for all underwriting classes
      • Rates will be applied to the net amount at risk on a monthly basis
    • Percent of premium expense charge
    • Current:
      • 15% up to Target, 2% Excess (year 1)
      • 5% up to Target, 2% Excess (years 2 − 10)
      • 2% up to Target, 2% Excess (years 11+)
    • Guaranteed:
      • 20% up to Target and Excess (years 1− 5)
      • 10% up to Target and Excess (years 6 − 15)
      • 6% up to Target and Excess (years 16+)
  • No surrender charge for full surrender; no current charge for partial surrenders


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