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Nationwide New Heights® Fixed Indexed Annuity


With enhanced earning potential, daily tracking of earnings, a return of capital preservation, an optional lifetime income rider and an optional enhanced death benefit rider (both available for an additional cost), New Heights is where reliability meets opportunity. It offers the ability to help protect assets while also positioning investors for growth opportunities on a daily basis.

Annuities are a contract you purchase from an insurance company to help you accumulate assets for retirement. They offer several ways to generate income, including systematic withdrawal, lifetime income payments through a guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit (GLWB), available for an additional cost, and annuitization; annuitization is offered at no additional cost.

What is a fixed indexed annuity?

A fixed indexed annuity offers returns based on the changes in an index, such as the S&P 500® Composite Stock Price Index. Indexed annuity contracts also offer a specified minimum which the contract value will not fall below, regardless of index performance. After a period of time, the insurance company will make payments to you under the terms of your contract.

A fixed indexed annuity is not a stock market investment and does not directly participate in any stock or equity investment. It may be appropriate for individuals who want guaranteed interest rates and the potential for lifetime income.

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Target market

Nationwide New Heights is for investors who are wary of market volatility yet still seek growth potential to help account for inflation and increased expenses as they age.

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[1] In CA, CDSC is called a surrender charge. CDSC schedules may vary by state.
[2] May not be available in all states. Long-term care may also be referred to as confinement.

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