Nationwide YourLife® Accumulation VUL
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Nationwide YourLife® Accumulation VUL


As you know, life insurance offers financial protection in the event of an unexpected death. Above and beyond this primary protection, Nationwide YourLife® Accumulation VUL offers affluent and high net worth clients a long-term strategy to help them prepare for many years to come. Features of this product include permanent protection, market participation and tax-deferred growth potential so these clients may maintain their lifestyle.

Target market

This product is designed for affluent and high net worth clients, ages 35 to 55, who are already contributing the maximum amount allowable to their qualified retirement plans, and have a need for life insurance and the ability to overfund the product.

Key Features

Investment Options

We offer a wide variety of investment options across a broad spectrum of asset classes and styles, including multiple asset allocation funds. These funds are only available as a part of this life insurance product and cannot be invested in separately.

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