Nationwide YourLife® Current Assumption UL
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Nationwide YourLife® Current Assumption UL


Nationwide YourLife® Current Assumption UL offers permanent protection with conservative growth potential.

Target market

This product was designed for people between the ages of 40 and 55, seeking competitively priced life insurance protection that can also offer some growth potential.

Key features

  • Income tax-free death benefit to beneficiaries, even estate tax-free if properly structured
  • Tax-deferred cash value growth at a guaranteed minimum interest crediting rate and no stock market risk

Sales idea

Multi-task with life insurance

Product literature/support materials

Client brochure

Product details

Minimum Specified Amount: $25,000 for standard; $100,000 for Preferred and Preferred Plus

Surrender charges: 20-year declining


  • Current premium charges:
    • If specified amount is less than $100K − 10% in years 1-5; 8% in years 6-15; 5% in years 16+
    • If specified amount is $100K+ − 8% in years 1-5; 5% in years 6+
  • Monthly administrative charges: If specified amount is less than $50K − $10 in all years, if 50K+ − $10 in years 1-10, $5 in years 11+
  • Monthly cost of insurance is based on the insureds’ individual characteristics


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Not a deposit • Not FDIC or NCUSIF insured • Not guaranteed by the institution • Not insured by any federal government agency • May lose value

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