Nationwide YourLife® No-Lapse Guarantee UL
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Nationwide YourLife® No-Lapse Guarantee UL


Nationwide YourLife® No-Lapse Guarantee UL is a flexible solution offering permanent death benefit protection.

Target market

This product is designed for people between the ages of 45 − 70 who may be risk-averse, and are looking for competitively priced permanent life insurance to pass on a legacy.

Key features

  • NLGUL is most competitive at ages 45-70 for level pays, especially at $500,000+
  • Competitively priced guarantees are available to whatever age you choose
  • 10% to 50% of the total specified amount can be issued as Supplemental Coverage, helping clients get the coverage they need at a reasonable price
  • Automated Premium Monitor helps policyholders manage the policy to keep it in force (available at no additional cost)

Product literature/support materials

Client guide

Product details

Minimum Specified Amount: $100,000

Surrender charge period: 20 years


  • Premium charge currently between 20 and 26.25% depending on specified amount and supplemental coverage; guaranteed not to exceed 50 − 52.5% depending on supplemental coverage
  • Administration charge is currently $10/month to age 120; guaranteed not to exceed $20/month
  • Monthly per thousand charge and monthly cost of insurance charge vary by specified amount, issue age, attained age, sex, and underwriting class


Riders may not be available in all states and may be known by other names.

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