Nationwide YourLife® Single Premium UL
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Nationwide YourLife® Single Premium UL


We designed Nationwide YourLife Single Premium UL to be simpler, guaranteed life insurance protection that allows clients to transfer income tax-free wealth to their beneficiaries. It offers competitive cash value growth and living benefits.

Target market

This product is targeted towards conservative individuals looking for a simpler, guaranteed life insurance product with attractive, guaranteed cash value growth and benefits they can use during their lifetime.

Key features

  • Greater simplicity − simplified underwriting and application process
  • Living benefits that offer help when you need it
  • Owner-directed settlement options to give you more control

Sales idea

Money back guarantee

Product literature/support materials

Client Kit

Product details

  • Surrender charge period: 10 years
  • No loads, fees or monthly deductions after attained age 120
  • Monthly per-thousand charge:
    • Current: For ages 35 − 50, $0.30 in years 1 − 15 and $0.00 thereafter; for ages 51 − 80, $0.30 in years 1 – 10 and $0.00 thereafter (includes sales charge)
    • Guaranteed: $0.30 in all years (includes sales charge)
  • No administration charge
  • Cost of insurance charge varies by issue age and duration, gender, premium class and specified amount
  • No premium charge currently, and guaranteed not to exceed 5%


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Nationwide, Underten and Nationwide YourLife are service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.

Not a deposit • Not FDIC or NCUSIF insured • Not guaranteed by the institution • Not insured by any federal government agency • May lose value

Nationwide and Nationwide YourLife are service marks of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.