Social Security 360 AnalyzerSM

Social Security 360 AnalyzerSM

Our Social Security 360 AnalyzerSM is a comprehensive and robust aid to help you demonstrate your expertise and guide your client through filing decisions to the retirement planning discussion. Use it to:

  • Identify Social Security filing strategies for your many unique clients 
  • Position Social Security in the context of their retirement income needs 
  • Generate a client-ready PDF report to guide your conversations and provide them with specific filing instructions

Social Security 360 AnalyzerSM covers the majority of filing rules to help you simplify the clutter and confusion surrounding filing decisions. It also identifies the gap between what Social Security will provide and your client’s retirement income goal, creating a natural segue into the retirement income planning conversation.

Use the tool with your client during a meeting, or gather client information ahead of time with our Fact Finder and run the report before your client comes into the office.

Our Income Planning Specialists are available to answer your questions as you use the tool or to run client reports for you. Call us at 1-877-707-6360 if you need help.

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You must be an advisor appointed with Nationwide Financial and registered to use the Sales and Service Center. Note: Social Security 360 AnalyzerSM may not be available to some advisors at the request of their firm.


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