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The Significance of Social Security

As a trusted advisor, it’s essential that you’re knowledgeable on the topic of Social Security – in fact, your clients expect it.

57% of clients expect Social Security advice from their financial planner.


93% of clients said they'd leave their advisor if they did not receive Social Security advice.


Social Security filing decisions can have a significant, lifelong impact on your clients’ retirement income, even for more affluent clients.

Retirement income sources for the mass affluent1


And as pension income shrinks, Social Security’s importance will grow. 

Most Americans file for benefits early. If they delay benefits, they may end up with a larger benefit amount. In addition, there are almost 2,800 rules for Social Security benefits. Clients may not be aware of all the benefits they are eligible for. Educate yourself on Social Security rules and filing options so you can guide your clients and help them make the best filing decision for their retirement.



Learn about Social Security basics and filing rules and options.


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