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Social Security 360SM: A Comprehensive Program To Guide Client Filing Decisions

Are you one of the 33% of advisors incorporating Social Security into your planning process? Did you know 57% of clients expect their advisor to provide Social Security advice and 93% of those clients said they would leave an advisor who didn’t provide Social Security advice?1


With 2,725 rules, Social Security is complex. Help simplify the complexity of Social Security with Nationwide's Social Security 360 program. The program offers client-ready education, tools and support to help you confidently build Social Security guidance into your business, and meet your clients' retirement income planning needs.

Client Tools and Resources



Learn about Social Security basics and filing rules and options.


Client Solutions

You have the opportunity to help your clients address the costs of health care in retirement. Nationwide’s broad range of solutions is available to help meet your clients’ unique needs.

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Talk to your relationship manager, wholesaler or the Retirement Institute Income Planning Team at 1-877-707-6360 to learn more about the resources we offer to advisors through our Health Care in Retirement program, or for help with the Assessment.