Nationwide Executive IUL
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Nationwide Executive Indexed UL

Note: This is an executive version of Nationwide® YourLife Indexed UL which is designed to be used with businesses who are looking for a market-based strategy to recruit, reward and retain top talent or for business succession planning. This executive version offers unisex rates and preferred group underwriting, which includes guaranteed issue and simplified issue (where applicable).


Nationwide Executive Indexed UL is a universal life product that offers permanent death benefit protection, minimum guarantees, index-linked accumulation and flexible access to cash values.

Target market

This product is designed for people ages 35 to 55 looking for permanent death benefit protection, minimum guarantees and the potential for growth.

Key features

  • Flexible death-benefit guarantees − a 20-year base policy death benefit guarantee plus the optional Extended Death Benefit Guarantee rider
  • Choice of annual point-to-point and monthly averaging indexed crediting strategies
  • An indemnity-style long-term care rider that gives your clients more control over their money while maintaining their independence

Product literature/support materials

Plan sponsor guide

Product details

  • Minimum Specified Amount: $100,000
  • Surrender charge period: 15 years for issue age up to 65, declining to 10 years for issue ages 70+
  • Fees:
    • Premium charge of 6%, guaranteed not to exceed 10%
    • Monthly administrative fee is currently $10/month, guaranteed not to exceed $20/month
    • Monthly cost of insurance varies by age, sex, duration, death benefit option, total specified amount, smoking status, rating and accumulated value
    • Monthly per-thousand charge varies by age, sex, death benefit option and total specified amount; assessed for the first 15 years following policy issue and any increase in specified amount; rate per $1,000 decreases as the specified amount increases (the decrease is not guaranteed)

Optional features

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