Fee Disclosure Rules
NFW-3840AO, NFW-3847AO

Fee Disclosure Rules

Nationwide has a strong plan in place to help you and your clients comply with new retirement plan regulations. Let us put it to work for you.

The U.S. Department of Labor's two new regulations address fee disclosure − and will require action in 2012. They are:

What this means for plan advisors

Under 408(b)(2), advisors must disclose information about their fees, compensation and services provided to the plan sponsor − some of which they may not have had to disclose in the past.

Under 404(a)(5), plan sponsors will need your help understanding their obligations as well as help providing fee and investment-related disclosures to employees.

What this means for plan sponsors

Under 408(b)(2), plan sponsors must review all services, fees and compensation information of service providers to determine if charges are reasonable and appropriate for their plan.

Under 404(a)(5), plan sponsors are required to communicate all plan fees to participants and send two annual participant disclosure documents that include:

How Nationwide can help with 408(b)(2)

Advisors can rely on Nationwide to:

Plan sponsors can rely on Nationwide to:

How Nationwide can help with 404(a)(5)

Advisors and plan sponsors can rely on Nationwide to:

We've got you covered

You can count on Nationwide to help you navigate the changing retirement plan regulatory landscape. For more information, call your Nationwide sales team at 1-800-626-3112.