Why Nationwide Financial
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Why Nationwide Financial

When you work with Nationwide Financial, you can be confident that we constantly strive to serve your clients’ best interests and will give you a personalized experience. Our goal is to:

  • Help you grow your business
  • Make doing business easy and hassle-free
  • Let you focus on building client relationships

What we offer

We offer one of the industry’s broadest ranges of product solutions to meet your clients’ unique and ever-changing needs. And that’s vital to the success of your business. These products include:

  • Annuities: Nationwide’s range of variable, fixed-immediate and fixed-indexed annuities can help your clients meet their retirement income goals.
  • Life insurance: We offer the broad and competitive product line you need to help your clients protect their families, accumulate wealth and leave a legacy.
  • Retirement plans: We offer a suite of retirement plans, including customized retirement strategies, that offer variety, flexibility and control for you, your clients and their employees.
  • Mutual funds: We offer an inclusive selection of mutual funds managed by the top managers in each investment style and asset class.
  • Business Life: We have several executive benefit plans that are powerful tools for businesses to use to help recruit, reward and retain top talent.

How we deliver

We offer a package of personalized customer services designed to help you support your clients.

Dedicated Team of Specialists 

Our Team of Specialists is dedicated to helping you meet your business needs. Each team member brings unique resources and knowledge to the table − meaning you have access to financial strategies specifically tailored to your clients’ goals.

Tools and resources 

  • Retirement Income and Income Risk Workbook
  • R-Income Analyzer, our proprietary investment and analysis tool for retirement income
  • Personalized health care assessment
  • On Your Side Interactive Retirement PlannerSM

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Experienced resources

  • Regional income planning specialists
  • Income Planning Desk
  • Advanced sales team