Nationwide Member Bulletin

Heartbleed Statement

Nationwide puts a top priority on protecting private, customer information.

As you may be aware, a critical website vulnerability nicknamed 'Heartbleed' was disclosed in April. The security bug can be used to expose user passwords, credit card numbers and other personal information on thousands of websites running the common OpenSSL encryption protocol. Some websites have been impacted by this issue. We advise all internet users to periodically change their passwords.

We continue to review our systems daily and there has been no indication of malicious activity found to date. We believe changing passwords on a regular basis is an important practice. While there is no indication of any passwords being compromised, please review the following password tips that we recommend given the wide exposure of the Heartbleed vulnerability. These tips are especially important if you use the same password across more than one website. 

If you choose to change your password, log in to your account or follow these reset instructions.

Updated: June 17, 2014