Equine Farm Insurance

Get the Right Coverage for Your Horse Farm

As a horse farmer, you understand the unique liability exposures you face, such as when an animal:

  • Wanders onto the roadway and causes an accident (one of our most frequent liability claims)
  • Reacts unpredictably and someone is injured

Get the liability protection you need with AgriChoice®

You should also consider liability protection if:

  • The general public comes onto your farm or ranch
  • Customers leave their animals in your care

Optional coverage is also available to protect you from claims that a horse was injured or killed while in your care.

Optional coverages

A set of optional coverages are available to provide protection for:

  • Boarding
  • Breeding
  • Training
  • Claims that an animal was killed or injured while in your care

Coverage for your hay

With AgriChoice, you can also insure your hay. AgriChoice provides coverage up to $100,000 per stack of hay.

Pollution liability coverage

Farmers and ranchers are potentially exposed to liability for pollution from a variety of farm operations, including:

  • Overspray/misapplication of chemicals
  • Leakage from on-premises storage tanks and lagoons
  • Off-premises liability from transportation

You may also be liable for government-ordered clean up costs, both on and off your premises. Discuss your state's pollution coverage with your agent.