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How Do You Find Someone to Trust With Your Financial Needs?

When it comes down to it, talking about your financial needs isn't always easy. So it’s important to choose an investment or insurance professional you feel comfortable with.

Make sure their knowledge and experience is a good match for your needs – now and in the future. After all, this person will be helping you make decisions about your finances.

Ready to begin?

Start by getting recommendations from family, friends and coworkers. Ask them who they trust with their financial needs – and why.

Look to other sources for recommendations, including:

Plan to talk to several candidates to find the one who’s right for you. They will work with you to develop a clear picture of your current financial situation and help you work toward your financial goals. By building a relationship with them over time, you’ll also be able to request annual checkups so they’ll know when your needs change and adjustments should be made.

Research your choices

Once you've got a list of candidates, start the selection process.

Get it in writing

Ask for a contract that lists the services they’ll provide and what you'll pay for them.

Confirm credentials

Call the professional associations your candidates mention or look them up on the FINRA website. Verify that they’re members in good standing and ask if there are any complaints against them. 

Ask for references

Ask the candidates you talk to for references from others they work with − like accountants, attorneys or insurance agents.

Build a relationship

Once you've found a qualified professional that suits your needs, you can start taking steps to plan for your financial future.

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