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Learn About Delivery Procedures, Odor Detection and Leak and Pressure Testing

Liquefied petroleum gas (also called propane, LP gas or LPG) is safe and clean-burning when used properly. But it can also be volatile and dangerous if mishandled. Nationwide Agribusiness understands the dangers of LP gas and takes extra care in promoting LP gas safety.

Our training is designed for propane handlers, drivers and other employees interested in learning more about propane safety. Our specialists travel the country training customers free of charge on propane hazard identification and detection. They follow National Fire Protection Association standards, Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations and the Code of Federal Regulations.

LP gas safety topics

Nationwide Agribusiness risk management expertise in LP gas safety is highly regarded among industry specialists. Our LP gas safety training includes:

  • Delivery procedures
  • Inspections and repairs
  • Leak and pressure testing

LP gas safety audits

At no costs to customers, Nationwide Agribusiness LP gas specialists can examine your entire LP gas storage and distribution systems. These audits ensure proper safety measures and procedures so your staff is properly trained in maintaining and operating your LP gas system.

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