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Foreign Source Income for Calendar Year 2013

For the year ended December 31, 2013, the mutual funds referenced below earned foreign source income. The amount of foreign source income can be calculated as a percentage of your ordinary dividend shown in Box 1a of your 2013 Tax Form. Please see the information below for your foreign source gross income amount.

In addition to the tax information provided on your 1099-DIV statement, below is supplemental information to assist you with the preparation of your 2013 income tax returns. Please consult your tax advisor for the specific application of any items below relating to the preparation of your tax returns.

Fund Name Foreign Source Gross Income
(Use % listed below and apply to Ordinary Income as shown in Box 1 to compute)
Nationwide Global Equity Fund 78.97%
Nationwide International Index Fund 96.38%
Nationwide International Value Fund 94.22%
Nationwide Destination 2010 Fund 37.93%
Nationwide Destination 2015 Fund 38.14%
Nationwide Destination 2020 Fund 41.48%
Nationwide Destination 2025 Fund 44.37%
Nationwide Destination 2030 Fund 45.34%
Nationwide Destination 2035 Fund 45.94%
Nationwide Destination 2040 Fund 50.24%
Nationwide Destination 2045 Fund 48.28%
Nationwide Destination 2050 Fund 51.72%
Nationwide Destination 2055 Fund 35.47%
Nationwide Retirement Income Fund 12.96%
Nationwide Investor Destinations Aggressive Fund 53.66%
Nationwide Investor Destinations Conservative Fund 10.87%
Nationwide Investor Destinations Moderate Fund 30.55%
Nationwide Investor Destinations Moderately Aggressive Fund 44.25%
Nationwide Investor Destinations Moderately Conservative Fund 20.13%
Nationwide Bailard International Equities Fund 92.43%

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