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HighMark Fund Acquisition Expands
Nationwide’s Mutual Fund Offerings

Nationwide Financial has acquired new equity and bond mutual funds from HighMark Capital Management Inc., which will expand the breadth and depth of our product portfolio.

"Through this transaction, Nationwide continues to expand the breadth and depth of its product portfolio to provide financial advisors with as many solid, long-term investment options as possible," stated Michael Spangler, president of Nationwide Funds. "We look forward to working with HighMark to expand the distribution of these funds and provide current shareholders with immediate benefits."

Nationwide will offer these mutual funds in eight Lipper categories - many with 4- or 5-star ratings from Morningstar. The acquisition will give financial advisors and clients access to additional solid, long-term investment options from well-respected subadvisers.

New equity and bond funds to be offered

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