Income From U.S. Government Securities
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Income From U.S. Government Securities Calendar Year 2014

During calendar year 2014, certain Nationwide Mutual Funds invested in securities issued by the United States government or other federal agencies (collectively, "U.S. Government Securities"). Under federal law, the interest on these securities is exempt from state taxation. Certain states also exempt from state income tax the dividend income a mutual fund shareholder receives that is derived from a Fund's investment in these U.S. Government Securities.

The table in this document provides the percentages of ordinary income dividends derived from investments in U.S. Government Securities for calendar year 2014. To determine the amount which may be exempt from state income tax, multiply the amount reported in Box 1a of Form 1099-DIV by the percentages listed.

California, Connecticut and New York require that a mutual fund maintain certain minimum investments in U.S. Government Securities in order for the dividend income derived from these obligations to be exempt from state income tax. None of the Funds listed below met these requirements for calendar year 2014.

This notice is provided to you for informational purposes only, and should not be considered tax advice. Please consult your tax advisor for further assistance.

For any other questions, please contact the Fund(s) at 1-800-848-0920.

Fund Percentage of Income Derived from U.S. Government Securities During Calendar Year 2014
Nationwide Bailard Cognitive Value Fund 0.00%
Nationwide Bailard Emerging Markets Equity Fund 0.00%
Nationwide Bailard International Equities Fund 0.00%
Nationwide Bailard Technology & Science Fund 0.00%
Nationwide Bond Fund 3.77%
Nationwide Bond Index Fund 20.67%
Nationwide Core Plus Bond Fund 4.36%
Nationwide Destination 2010 Fund 5.99%
Nationwide Destination 2015 Fund 5.13%
Nationwide Destination 2020 Fund 3.77%
Nationwide Destination 2025 Fund 2.52%
Nationwide Destination 2030 Fund 1.48%
Nationwide Destination 2035 Fund 1.25%
Nationwide Destination 2040 Fund 1.09%
Nationwide Destination 2045 Fund 0.52%
Nationwide Destination 2050 Fund 0.51%
Nationwide Destination 2055 Fund 0.55%
Nationwide Destination 2060 Fund 0.79%
Nationwide Diverse Managers Fund 15.83%
Nationwide Enhanced Income Fund 0.39%
Nationwide Fund 0.00%
Nationwide Geneva Mid Cap Growth Fund 0.00%
Nationwide Geneva Small Cap Growth Fund 0.00%
Nationwide Global Equity Fund 0.00%
Nationwide Government Bond Fund 29.81%
Nationwide Growth Fund 0.00%
Nationwide Herndon Mid Cap Value Fund 0.00%
Nationwide HighMark Balanced Fund 2.48%
Nationwide HighMark Bond Fund 7.95%
Nationwide HighMark California Intermediate Tax Free Bond Fund 0.00%
Nationwide HighMark Large Cap Core Equity Fund 0.00%
Nationwide HighMark Large Cap Growth Fund 0.00%
Nationwide HighMark National Intermediate Tax Free Bond Fund 0.00%
Nationwide HighMark Short Term Bond Fund 2.96%
Nationwide HighMark Small Cap Core Fund 0.00%
Nationwide HighMark Value Fund 0.00%
Nationwide High Yield Bond Fund 0.00%
Nationwide Inflation-Protected Securities Fund 87.11%
Nationwide International Index Fund 0.00%
Nationwide International Value Fund 0.00%
Nationwide Investor Destinations Aggressive Fund 0.94%
Nationwide Investor Destinations Conservative Fund 5.90%
Nationwide Investor Destinations Moderate Fund 3.04%
Nationwide Investor Destinations Moderately Aggressive Fund 1.79%
Nationwide Investor Destinations Moderately Conservative Fund 4.83%
Nationwide Mid Cap Market Index Fund 0.00%
Nationwide Money Market Fund 0.00%
Nationwide Portfolio Completion Fund 14.45%
Nationwide Retirement Income Fund 5.91%
Nationwide S&P 500 Index Fund 0.00%
Nationwide Short Duration Bond Fund 1.18%
Nationwide Small Cap Index Fund 0.00%
Nationwide Small Company Growth Fund 0.00%
Nationwide U.S. Small Cap Value Fund 0.00%
Nationwide Ziegler Equity Income Fund 0.00%
Nationwide Ziegler NYSE Arca Tech 100 Index Fund 0.00%
Nationwide Ziegler Wisconsin Tax Exempt Fund 0.00%

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