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Nationwide Funds: A Story Worth Sharing

At Nationwide Funds, we’ve been providing investment solutions since 1933. We attribute our long-term success to several core beliefs that guide our everyday activities.

There is no single right way to invest

Investing is different for each individual. To meet this range of needs, our investing style includes:

Managing risk is as important as pursuing return

One way we feel we can help mitigate risk is by using what’s called a subadviser platform. That means we carefully select external asset managers to manage individual funds. This helps add a level of objectivity to fund management and allows us to provide the right experience for each individual fund we offer.

We also offer asset allocation programs managed by Asset Strategy Specialists. Our Asset Strategies Team specializes in developing, managing and monitoring our asset allocation programs.

Discipline and focus are essential to any investment strategy

We understand that achieving your financial goals means working together with your advisor to create a plan that balances your investment style with the right mix of products and strategies.

That's why we work hard, in a disciplined and focused way, to ensure our products perform according to their objectives – so your plan may perform according to yours.


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