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Commercial Insurance Solutions Gives You Options

There are many factors that help determine commercial insurance solutions for offices. Size and location impact the type of protection you need. An easy way to get started is with a standard business owners policy — which can then be customized with a variety of insurance options. Here are some of Nationwide’s most popular commercial insurance solutions for offices.

Valuable papers and records insurance

Protect against untold expenses if you have to recreate your files following a covered loss.

Utility services coverage and spoilage coverage

Utilities services helps cover losses from ruined inventory as a result of interrupted utility services, with very little cash out of pocket.

Employee dishonesty coverage

Get coverage to help recover losses from employee theft. Work with your agent to find the right amount of coverage for your business.

Sewer or drain coverage

If a torrential rainstorm or water main break causes your drain or sewer to back up, this coverage will help pay for the cleanup.

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