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Take Action Now, Prep House for Spring Storms

March 22, 2012

Nationwide offers tips for family, home, personal property

Columbus, Ohio - Homeowners should do what they can now to protect their home and property from the violent spring storms that are certain to roar through Ohio this year. A few precautions may ease some stress if and when that storm hits and you need help.

Nationwide Insurance is urging homeowners to observe Spring Severe Weather Awareness Week in Ohio, March 25 to March 31. Use the week to prepare an emergency kit, trim shrubs and trees, identify a safe place to take shelter when a spring storm hits and other precautions.

“We’ve learned a lot from our response to severe storms over the past few years. Taking some small steps now can go a long way toward preventing damage and helping you be more prepared if the unthinkable occurs,” said Pete Lore, leader of Nationwide’s National Catastrophe claims response team.

Ohio has been hit hard by spring storms. The high wind and hail storms of last May caused up to $400 million in damage, according to the Ohio Insurance Institute. That event ranks 3rd in the state for severe weather devastation. Number 1 is the Xenia tornadoes of 1974 followed by Hurricane Ike in 2008.

Nationwide managed 160,000 insurance claims resulting from the spring storms of 2011, compared to 130,000 total claims from the 2004 Florida hurricanes and Hurricane Katrina combined.

“Last year, our company paid out more than $1.3 billion to help our members rebuild from catastrophic weather events across the country,” said Mark Pizzi, President and Chief Operating Officer of Nationwide Insurance. “Homeowners can get in front of these storms and the damage they cause by being insurance savvy. Know what insurance coverage you have and get the coverage you need before disaster strikes. Your insurance agent can review your policy with you before you need it.”

These tips on damage prevention and homeowners insurance coverage are meant to help you make decisions that may reduce your risks. We don’t know every risk and cannot guarantee these will work for you, but some of them may help protect your most valuable assets – you and your family.

Things to consider doing outside your home to protect it from severe weather damage

Things to consider doing inside your home to protect against flooding

Safety tips for you and your family:

Protect your personal property

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