Merging your agency

Considering a merger? We can help.

The insurance industry changes rapidly. Keeping up with regulatory issues, internet sales, carrier relationships and agency marketing is all on your shoulders. These concerns may be impeding your agency’s growth or forcing you to spend less time connecting with your policyholders. One possible solution? A merger. By joining forces with another agency, you may be able to take advantage of larger scale marketing resources, services and product offerings. You may also gain access to additional markets. And you could reap these benefits all while remaining with your agency and receiving an income stream.

If this sounds like it could be right for you, let’s talk. Nationwide can connect you with prospective agency partners, maximize the value of your agency and plan for your future with the care you deserve.

We’ve closed more than 1,000 transactions. But we still treat each owner with the attention you deserve. Merging with a Nationwide-affiliated agent can help solve many of your business problems. After their mergers, here’s what two agency owners turned associate agents had to say:

"Joining the Nationwide family is the best thing I could have ever done for my agency. My business has really taken off, thanks to the Nationwide branding. From start to finish, the acquisition manager, our principal and the entire Nationwide support staff have been wonderful. Everything that was promised has been delivered.”
- Sandra B., North Carolina

"If I only had two words to describe my experience with the Nationwide Agency Solutions team, they would be: ‘Promises kept!’ I had my reservations, but after meeting with the team and talking with other agents like me, I knew that this was the best decision for my career. Believe me, the Nationwide model works and works very well.”
- Chris H., North Carolina

Explore our services for merging agencies

Finding a buyer

It’s about making connections. We match independent agency owners across the country with prospective buyers interested in merging with smaller agencies. Because we have access to more than 7,000 prospective buyers, we’re sure we can help you find one that’s right for you. Let us connect you with potential buyers interested in terms that make sense for your unique needs.

Agency evaluations

Merging is a form of selling your agency. If you’re thinking about selling your agency, you need to know your options. Even if you decide a merger isn’t right for you, locking in the value of your agency is still important. Mergers, loans, ESOP reporting, tax assessments, life insurance and legal proceedings of all types require a fair and thorough evaluation of your agency’s value.

Agency due diligence

Because of our experience in agency acquisitions and mergers, we know it’s important to understand the strategic value of your agency for the right buyer. That’s why our due diligence process is thorough and in-depth. Our specialized knowledge of insurance agency mergers enables us to identify areas of opportunity or risk—and make sure a prospective buyer gets everything they need to fairly evaluate your agency. And because your time is valuable, we help keep the due diligence process with a buyer on schedule, so you can get your agency sold without unnecessary delays.

Neither Nationwide or its representatives provide legal, financial, tax or business advice. Agency owner is solely responsible for the terms of any contract relating to the merger or acquisition of their agency. Please consult an attorney or tax advisor.

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