I Am “Listener in Chief”
Jasmine Green, Chief Customer Advocate
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Nationwide’s Office of Customer Advocacy

Nationwide stands above our competition for many reasons, but we're especially proud of our customer experience. We’re there for you when something happens, whether it's a simple fender-bender or a major loss due to a powerful storm.

We’ll also help you with whatever concerns you, such as a question about your policy, your statement or a claim.

Our Chief Customer Advocate helps you get the answers you need

Nationwide’s Chief Customer Advocate, Jasmine Green, works closely with CEO Steve Rasmussen to ensure all our members receive the exceptional customer experiences they deserve. 

"I talk to customers regarding any issue they may have," she says. "If they need to contact someone and they don't know who to contact, they can always contact me or my customer advocacy team. It's truly about the relationship and it's all about listening."

Green champions for customers across all of Nationwide’s businesses and connects them to the right people to get results. Not only is her role unique within the insurance industry, there are few customer advocacy teams like hers anywhere.

Nationwide has a Chief Customer Advocate whose sole job is to champion the needs of members like you because we ultimately report to you. We put members firstSM. That’s how we started, how we operate today and what drives our On Your Side® experience.

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