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Nationwide’s Member Experience Network

Like us, you're focused on your members. Attracting new members. Retaining existing members. Adding membership value.

That's why we created the Member Experience Network, a program that shares the collective wisdom, expertise and best practices of Nationwide and other member-based organizations.

Member-based organizations understand better than anyone how passions unite us.

With so many ways for people to connect today, you have more opportunities than ever to engage your members. But such a crowded landscape can also make it difficult to capture their attention. We want to help you with that.

With Nationwide, you get more than a trusted partner.

As a member-driven organization, Nationwide understands the importance of building connections with your members and creating valuable experiences at every interaction. That's why we provide our Nationwide affinity partners access to The Network. It's the resource you can use to uncover the insights, information and inspiration needed to build a stronger organization. And with that comes more fulfilling, longer-lasting relationships with your members.

Discover insights that drive membership.

Access the collective wisdom, expertise and best practices of Nationwide and other member-based organizations to help you better connect with your members. Only with Nationwide will you have tools, resources and professional networks at your fingertips. You'll stay ahead of trends and consumer preferences. And you'll have the support you need to take action and drive your member engagement.

Build connections that bring more to your organization.

Success is about creating great member experiences. And that starts with an insightful strategic plan. Through The Network, we can provide you with strategies and connect you with the experts and resources you need to execute them – including experts from right here at Nationwide. We know that talking with your peers sometimes generates valuable and even unexpected ideas for building your membership. That's one of the reasons we regularly organize get-togethers to help foster those moments.

Access The Network

The Nationwide Member Experience Network exposes you to the best methods of building and maintaining your members’ experience. We’ll provide you with success stories from organizations just like yours, and guidance on how you can repeat the same results. To get started, contact your Relationship Manager or email us.

Not yet a Nationwide affinity partner? Learn more about Nationwide’s affinity program.

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