Unclaimed Property

How to Verify Unclaimed Property

At Nationwide we make our best effort to locate unclaimed property owners prior to remitting it to the state as required by abandoned property laws. If you believe you are the rightful owner of property in Nationwide’s possession or have received a communication from us indicating you have unclaimed property with Nationwide, please refer to the below FAQs to determine what steps you need to take in order to claim this property.


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1. What is unclaimed property?

2. I have never had a Nationwide Insurance policy or product - is this a valid letter?

3. Why did I receive this letter?

5. If I am the beneficiary (or representing the beneficiary) of the insured or annuitant of a Nationwide Life or Annuity policy, what actions should I take to ensure I receive the funds?

6. The original check was issued to me and another party (i.e., spouse, attorney, business). How can I claim the funds in my name only?

7. What do I have to do to claim funds?

9. How can I verify that Nationwide has received my letter?

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