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Plan for The Unexpected with GrouProtectorSM Accident Medical Insurance

GrouProtector provides accident medical insurance and accidental death insurance for a variety of community groups and associations, special events, amateur sports teams and leagues, non-resident child care and more.

Why have accident medical insurance?

Accident medical insurance safeguards your insured group from medical costs associated with an accidental injury or death that occurs during a sponsored group activity.

Groups and events

GrouProtector Basics

Primary (first-to-pay) and excess (next-to-pay) plans are available. All group participants are automatically covered. Accidental death and specific loss (loss of limb, sight, hearing) benefits included.

Out-of-pocket expenses like deductibles, co-insurance and prescriptions are covered.

Agent resources

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National Casualty Brochures

If you're a National Casualty agent, find the accident medical brochures you need here.

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