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It’s simple to begin. You don’t need to do anything differently to start using ClearQuote® and PolicyCenter. You’ll be routed to the correct platform based on the account and availability where you’re quoting.

What’s different about quoting on the new platform?

  • Prefill technology saves you time when gathering personal information to quote
  • What-if quotes let you easily see impacts and upsell
  • Required fields help you know what information has been provided to ensure customers are fully protected
  • Less underwriting review lets you quote and write new business faster
  • Increased bind rates for certain risks let you issue instantly

How do I set up a customer account?
Log in to Agent Center and use these instructions for commercial or farm.

Business descriptions look different. How do I select one?
The way you set the Primary Business Description during account setup has shifted from an open search to a guided set of dropdowns, navigating you to a Nationwide Business Class Description (BCD).

Farm agents will be presented with a tailored list of agricultural industry groups but will also have access to all standard commercial business class descriptions. For further instructions, check out the guide.

What if another agent is quoting the same customer?
Only the first agent to quote premium by referring to underwriting or proceeding to issue can write the business. If you start a quote but do not submit it, another agent can complete a quote for the customer.

Notification will be sent to other agencies that started to quote the account to let them know they need to obtain a Broker of Record to proceed. Reservations are valid for 60 days.

This applies to new business only. If an agent attempts to quote an existing account, they will not be able to complete account setup.

Can the prior term and renewal term be compared?
To compare differences between the prior term and renewal term, go to any issued renewal term and then navigate to the Policy Review/Differences tab. This feature is available on second-term renewals, meaning the renewal following a policy’s initial move to PolicyCenter.

Is there a way to see a comparison of the current policy vs. the policy with proposed changes?
To compare policy changes, click the Policy Review/Differences tab on the left side of PolicyCenter prior to issuing.

ClearQuote is the quoting platform where you’ll quote all Commercial and Farm business go forward. Once you've written a policy, it will reside on PolicyCenter, the policy administration system where you can quote and make changes.

Will Agency Print options still be available?
Yes, but they will no longer be available on Agent Center policy viewer. Follow these steps to find them on PolicyCenter.

  1. Log in to PolicyCenter, then look up the account
  2. On the Account Summary page, click Policy Group on the left
  3. Click on the policy you want
  4. On the left side, click the Forms section
  5. Look for Declarations and click View (Note: The line of business will appear before the word Declarations)

What's better about servicing with PolicyCenter?

  • Automated trailing documents mean less time spent on administrative tasks
  • Synced customer account information allows for single entry of customer information and increased accuracy
  • Real-time policy and account management gives you more power to conveniently manage policy changes on your time

View all farm-specific quoting and servicing FAQs

Will Farm policies look the same?
No. You’ll notice Farm policies look more like commercial lines policies now. This change will help make policies easier for you to navigate if you also write commercial business.

Why am I getting an error saying Driver(s) are required when I don’t have a Business Auto policy on the account?
If this is happening, check to see if the policy has a Recreational Vehicle with off-premises liability or if there are unlicensed vehicles on the Farm policy. If either of these are present, driver(s) will be required.

I currently email changes to my underwriter. Can I still do that?
PolicyCenter uses automation to make policy changes quick and easy. Trailing documents are sent for you, customer account information is synced across the platform, and you can make changes in real time. Using PolicyCenter is the most efficient way to make updates for your customers, but if absolutely necessary you can email changes to or request support from your underwriter.

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For help with system issues, call 1-888-667-3866 or contact your dedicated Sales or Territory Manager.