Auto coverage videos

Auto insurance 101 video still

Auto insurance 101

Help your customers navigate the basics of auto insurance, policy coverage and more.

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Roadside assistance app video still

Roadside assistance app

From a flat tire to a dead battery, roadside assistance apps can help when your customers need it most.

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Supply Chain Pain video still

Supply chain pain

Explain to your customers why supply chain can affect industrywide costs and service quality.

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Property coverage videos

Property insurance 101 video still

Property insurance 101

Your customers can navigate their policies and coverage better by understanding the basics of property insurance.

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Smart home water leak detection video still

Smart home water leak detection

Help your customers add a layer of security when it comes to water damage.

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Increase in home value video still

Increase in home value

Between renovations and inflation, the cost of replacing a home has probably risen, and insurance coverage should change to reflect home values.

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Holistic coverage video still

Holistic coverage

A standard policy might not always provide adequate protection for a home in the event of a loss.

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Umbrella video still


This policy provides additional protection from liability.

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Service line video still

Service line

Add coverage for the underground pipes and wires that provide services — such as gas, water and electric — to a home.

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Identity theft video still

Identity theft

Help guard personal data against the growing threat of identity theft, with expert help available if needed.

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Smart home video still

Smart home

Connected home technology can protect against break-ins, fires, water leaks and more.

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Equipment breakdown video still

Equipment breakdown

Get repair or replacement coverage for mechanical, electrical or pressure system breakdown, including damage to electronics due to a power surge.

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Belongings coverage video still

Belongings coverage

Replace covered belongings without adjustments for depreciation.

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Roof replacement video still

Roof replacement

Additional coverage enables a roof to be rebuilt to a higher standard, providing even better protection.

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Weather preparedness videos

Winter storm preparation video still

Winter storm preparation

Here’s how to help customers prepare their homes for winter storms.

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Fire prevention video still

Fire prevention

Teach customers about the importance of staying safe while keeping warm.

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Spring storm preparation video still

Spring storm preparation

Help customers protect their homes and families from spring storms.

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High wind protection video still

High wind protection

While driving in the car or at home, high winds can be dangerous.

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Hail protection video still

Hail protection

Teach your customers basic tips to protect their home from hail.

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Hurricane season video still

Hurricane season

Help customers protect their homes when hurricane season hits.

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Prepare for wildfires video still

Prepare for wildfires

Get your customers prepared for wildfire season with these tips.

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Life events, claims and contractors videos

Avoiding fraudulent contractors video still

Avoiding fraudulent contractors

Help avoid harm from predatory contractors with tips on what to look for when getting work done.

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How much insurance is needed video still

How much insurance is needed?

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to ensure that your customers have the right coverage.

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When to make a claim video still

When to make a claim

Let your customers know how and when to reach out to ensure a smooth claim process.

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The cost of an average claim video still

The cost of an average claim

From financial costs to time spent resolving a claim, the true cost of a claim can be more than your customers think.

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Covering valuable items video still

Covering valuable items

Certain belongings such as antiques, collectibles and jewelry can require extra coverage.

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Home management video still

Home management

Here are tips on keeping up with DIY or professional maintenance to manage the home properly.

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Deductible 101 video still

Deductible 101

If your customers don’t know what a deductible is, this will help break it down.

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Independent insurance agents video still

Independent insurance agents

Help your customers learn about the benefits of working with an independent agent.

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