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Property coverage videos

Increase in home value video still

Increase in home value

Between renovations and inflation, the cost of replacing a home has probably risen, and insurance coverage should change to reflect home values.

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Holistic coverage video still

Holistic coverage

A standard policy might not always provide adequate protection for a home in the event of a loss.

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Umbrella video still


This policy provides additional protection from liability.

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Service line video still

Service line

Add coverage for the underground pipes and wires that provide services — such as gas, water and electric — to a home.

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Identity theft video still

Identity theft

Help guard personal data against the growing threat of identity theft, with expert help available if needed.

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Smart home video still

Smart home

Connected home technology can protect against break-ins, fires, water leaks and more.

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Equipment breakdown video still

Equipment breakdown

Get repair or replacement coverage for mechanical, electrical or pressure system breakdown, including damage to electronics due to a power surge.

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Belongings coverage video still

Belongings coverage

Replace covered belongings without adjustments for depreciation.

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Roof replacement video still

Roof replacement

Additional coverage enables a roof to be rebuilt to a higher standard, providing even better protection.

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