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Our smart home program is currently available in AL, AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, DE, FL, GA, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MA, MD, MO, MS, MT, NE, OH, OR, TN, TX, UT, VA, VT, WA and WI.

Nationwide’s new smart home program, which features the Notion® Home Monitoring System, helps customers proactively prevent loss from water damage, break-ins and more.

Customer benefits

double arrow Early detection helps decrease damage
double arrow Premium discounts up to 10%1
double arrow Discount on the Notion Monitoring System

Agent benefits

double arrow Increased customer retention
double arrow Premium discounts up to 10%1 help attract customers
double arrow Potential for loss ratios reduction

Here’s how Notion works

Homeowners simply place Notion’s sensors near doors, windows, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and water sources (e.g., toilets, air conditioners, sinks and pipes). The sensors monitor activity and send a notification if they detect an event, helping clients get ahead of any problems that could become catastrophic if left undetected.

Notion’s 3-part system:

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The sensors monitor water leaks, temperature changes, sounding alarms, and the opening and closing of doors and windows.

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The bridge is a plug-in device that relays information from the sensors to a client’s smartphone via Wi-Fi.

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Notion app

The Notion app alerts the homeowner and allows them to manage their system from anywhere.

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Offer your clients peace of mind

Step 1

Begin by adding the program to every homeowners quote and telling your clients about the benefits of installing the Notion system in their homes. Today’s homeowners and renters are interested in early warning systems that help proactively prevent water damage, break-ins, fires and more.

Step 2

Next, let your clients know that they are responsible for ordering the Notion system (more about that below) and that their premium discount will be discontinued after 55 days if they do not order a Notion Kit and activate the sensors. Note that the Notion kit is specifically required for Nationwide’s program.

Step 3

Important: Clients must agree to the terms and conditions of the program, including the sharing of their data with Nationwide.

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Important customer information

Water damage is a leading cause of home insurance claims — almost 25%.2 A smart home system can help prevent damage from overflowing bathtubs, frozen water pipes that burst, sewer backups, sump pump failures and more.

Getting customers started

Let customers know to watch for an email from Nationwide that will include a link to order their Notion Smart Home Monitoring System at a promotional rate3.

  • Three-sensor starter kit: $0
  • Five-sensor starter kit: $25
  • Additional sensors: 20% off using Nationwide20

Notion will ship the kit to your customers. Remember, if they want to keep their 10% premium savings, within 55 days they must:

  • Download the Notion app on a smart device
  • Plug in the bridge
  • Place and activate sensors

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Notion PRO offers extra protection

By upgrading to Notion PRO, homeowners can receive additional notifications, text messages, and phone calls so they don’t miss an event.

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24/7 professional monitoring

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$10 a month

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Cancel anytime

PRO users may be eligible for additional savings on their homeowners insurance premium.

Restrictions apply. Availability varies. This promotion applies to Notion PRO residential customers only. Prices are subject to change. Equipment is required and is sold separately. Wi-Fi is required. Participants must have the Notion app and a smartphone. This offer is limited to one code per customer/account. Licenses, pricing and other information.


Program overview

Get the big picture


Get your questions answered

Fast facts

Helpful selling points for Notion

Customer resource

Detailed one-pager for potential clients

See the Notion system in action

This helpful and insightful video details how the Notion smart home program is a win-win for both agents and clients. Specifics covered include potential savings, how the program works and how agents can position it to be sold.

[1] The 10% premium discount applies to fire, theft and water coverages.

[2] 23.4% is the weighted average for 2016-2020, (accessed Oct. 11, 2021).

[3] Due to a limited number of promotional kits available, the offer is good only while supplies last.

Availability varies by state, coverage selections and rating factors. The discount applies to fire, theft and water coverages. Program criteria differ in California and Washington. CA: 10% discount applied to water nonweather and water weather and theft; 5% on fire perils; WA: 5% discount applied to all perils. The discount for smart home participation will be discontinued if an eligible smart home monitoring system is not ordered and activated within 55 days of enrollment.

The smart home monitoring system and related support will be provided by Notion, the third-party system provider. Nationwide is not responsible for the system or any home monitoring.