History of Nationwide’s Support of Agriculture
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A Rich History Serving Farmers and Agribusiness

In 1909, Iowa grain elevator and farm leaders needed a way to stop the financial devastation caused by frequent and destructive wooden elevator fires. Together, they created an alternative source of dependable, affordable insurance to protect against their losses.

Founded in Aurelia, Iowa, the Farmers Cooperative Elevator Mutual Insurance Association was the seed that became Farmland Insurance. The company built a solid reputation by focusing on the needs of American agriculture.

In 1982, Farmland Insurance joined the Nationwide family of companies. We serve farm, ranch and commercial customers across the country.

While agriculture and its related businesses have radically changed over the past century, our commitment to our customers has not. We remain dedicated to the people and companies that are American agriculture, and we pledge to continue our tradition of service, safety and integrity – just as we did in 1909.

Focused on agriculture — now and in the future

While staying close to our roots, we’ve spread across the country and now operate in 48 states. We’ve also grown our product offerings to keep pace with the evolving agribusiness industry. In addition to insuring grain elevators, feed mills and refined fuel distributors, we also serve food processors, meat processors, beverage bottlers and many other agriculture markets, including nurseries and greenhouses, fruit and vegetable growers, and more.

More changes will undoubtedly come over the next 100 years. We’ll be right there beside you, giving you the protection and On Your Side® experience you deserve. After all, we wouldn't be here without you.

Our century of progress


Farm leaders and grain elevator operators in Aurelia, Iowa, create the Farmers Cooperative Elevator Mutual Insurance Association.


Company name changes to Farmers Elevator Mutual Insurance Company. 


Farmland Industries, then the nation’s largest farm supply cooperative, acquires Farmers Elevator Mutual Insurance Company. 


Farmland Insurance Company (a property and casualty stock company) is formed. 


Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company acquires Farmland Insurance Company, which becomes Nationwide Agribusiness. Since Nationwide began as part of the Ohio Farm Bureau, both companies share common values and an agricultural focus. 


Nationwide begins protecting farm businesses in Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Today, we protect farms in 43 states.


The company name officially changes to Nationwide Agribusiness.


We are known as simply Nationwide, yet the agricultural foundation of our operation is as strong as ever. We continue to expand our reach into diverse markets in the food, fuel and fiber chain. We also broadened our focus to meet each industry’s unique needs by hiring more in-house specialists, including industrial hygienists, nurses, fleet specialists and agronomists.

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