Long-term care for farmers

Planning for those whose lives are in agriculture

Today, 70% of Americans over the age of 65 may eventually need long-term care.1 And because long-term care can be costly, it’s important to have a plan in place to cover those expenses should the need arise. Expenses that could jeopardize your farm or ranch if you had to sell some of your land to make ends meet.

The right plan can minimize the impact of long-term care expenses

New long-term care insurance products like Nationwide CareMatters® can provide coverage if you need it or, if you don’t, pay benefits to your beneficiary.

CareMatters is long-term care coverage that’s linked to a permanent life insurance policy. Long-term care benefits can be leveraged immediately — should you need care sooner than expected.

Here are more details on the many tax-free benefits that CareMatters can provide to you and your family.

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1 Source: October 2017. “How Much Care Will You Need?” U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. http://longtermcare.acl.gov/the-basics/how-much-care-will-you-need.html (Oct. 10, 2017).
2 Qualifying conditions must be certified by your licensed health care practitioner and include (A) that you have a severe cognitive impairment or (B) that you are unable to perform two or more of these activities of daily living: bathing, eating, continence, toileting, dressing or transferring (moving into or out of a bed, chair or wheelchair).

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